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Who Are We?
ASTRE Air International is a complete solutions provider to individuals who are interested in purchasing and maintaining ex-military aircraft for recreational purposes.

ASTRE Air International has a solution and infrastructure to support your aircraft.

We will will import, export, rebuild, remanufacture, inspect and certify your aircraft to ensure the product delivered is exactly what you envisioned.

General Info:
- was established in the early 90's following a trip to England to bring back a Hunting-Percival Pembroke.
- is based in Watkins, Colorado at Front Range Airport (KFTG) about 10 miles east of Denver International Airport (DIA).
- has an extensive array of tools and parts to properly service, overhaul, modify and maintain your ex-military aircraft.

- certificated scales to correctly weigh your plane after any modification (not just calculate it). - certificated machines to calibrate the airspeed, altimeter systems, engine temperature and reporting systems, and a cabin compressor to maintain the cabin pressurization system.
- tools to find leaks in gaseous systems.
- tools to verify the balance of rotating systems.
- tools to properly jack up and remove components.
- tools to adjust control surfaces and that can power the control surface systems without the engine running.
- tools that can inspect for cracks and material defects.
- tools that can peer into the deep recesses of the airframe or engine through any small accesses to look for any problems that might exist.

Certification and Operation:
- we can assist in certificating your aircraft with the Federal Aviation Administration.
- we can provide you with the equipment to operate your aircraft (tugs, compressors, work stands, and other ground service equipment as necessary.

Continued Operation:
- after your aircraft is inspected or modified we can assist teaching you how to fly and maintain it.
- we can appraise it before you buy and help you to sell it, if the need should ever arise.
- if you do not want to own the aircraft in its entirety we can help to structure a fractional ownership.

John Mulvey - ASTRE Air International