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Certification Process

When purchasing an aircraft it is absolutely crucial that the aircraft has been properly maintained and is airworthy. Therefore, the importance of the rebuild process, if necessary, can't be emphasized enough! Our 10 step rebuild process, will ensure that your aircraft is in superb condition.

When a rebuild is required, the aircraft is systematically:

  • Disassembled
  • Paint-stripped (to look for hidden corrosion or damage)
  • Outdated/Antiquated systems removed
  • Airframe is inspected and repaired, then modified as necessary
  • Components reassembled
  • Aircraft is tested
  • Aircraft is painted per the customers desires
  • Rigorous test flight program is performed
  • Aircraft is delivered to its owner, complete with an FAA approved maintenance program.
As you can see we take painstaking detail to ensure that your aircraft is in virtually new condition when it is delivered.